Richmond Heights Real Estate Information

Located on 2.3 square miles in St. Louis County, Richmond Heights, Missouri, is an inner-ring suburb of the St. Louis area. The city was home to a population of just under 10,000, as of figures at the 2000 census, with residents having a median household annual income of just over $50,000. The city is ideally situated just 10 miles west of downtown St. Louis for those who need to commute in and out of the town, with interstates 170 and 64 and U.S. Highway 40 running through town.

The city is named after Richmond, Virginia, after Gen. Robert E. Lee suggested that the area resembled his Virginian hometown. At 2006, the town was undergoing a research and study project weighing the benefits of merging with nearby Clayton, the county seat. Furthering convenient access, Richmond Heights is home to its ownMetroLink rail station along the light rail line that connects St. Louis area residents with the downtown area.

Children and teenagers living in the city will be assigned mostly to the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District, though some on the outskirts of town may be sent to schools in the Brentwood, Clayton and Ladue districts. There are also a handful of private schools available here, with Clayton Child Center, Clayton Academy & Preschool,Immacolata School and Little Flower School. There are also many colleges located in or near the city, including Fontbonne University, Harris Stowe State University, Saint Louis University, St. Louis Community College, University of Missouri, Washington University and Webster University.

The largest attraction in Richmond Heights is the Richmond Heights Community Center and Memorial Library, which serves two purposes in one nearly 75,000-square-foot facility, complete with a community pool. The Saint Louis Galleria, one of the most popular shopping centers, is found here as is The Boulevard-Saint Louis, a village with retail stores and ventures, condos and dining options. There are five hospitals located in or near here, ensuring a wide range of choice when it comes to medical care.