Saint Clair County Real Estate Information

Saint Clair County is a sparsely populated county found in the central western portion of the state of Missouri. Saint Clair County has a population of approximately nine thousand seven hundred residents, according to census bureau statistics released based on the comprehensive census conducted in the year two thousand. It is entirely possible, however, that this figure has changed substantially, considering that it has been nearly ten years since that census was finalized. The county seat of Saint Clair County is Osceola, which is one of the only significant centers of population in the region. Saint Clair takes its name from General Arthur Saint Clair, who was notable not only for being the governor of the Northwest Territory, but also for being, in a sense, the President of the United States.

This oddity is possible because Saint Clair was a member of the Continental Congress, where he served as the ninth “President of the United States in Congress Assembled.” It appears that the earliest permanent non-Native American resident of what is now considered Saint Clair County was a pioneer by the name of Jacob Coonce, who built a log cabin in the year eighteen thirty one. The current boundaries of Saint Clair County were set in the year eighteen forty five, and has an economy heavily built off of agriculture. Saint Clair County was also the site of another historical oddity during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Apparently the refusal of the county to pay funds based on railroad bonds led to the county being considered in rebellion against the United States for more than three decades.

Saint Clair County real estate is spread out over a total area of just over seven hundred square miles, including twenty five square miles of standing surface water and about six hundred and seventy seven square miles of solid land. Saint Clair County borders a total of seven neighboring counties, which are Henry, Benton, Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Vernon, and Bates Counties. The majority of Saint Clair residential properties are found in eight major population centers and communities – Appleton City, Collins, Gerseter, Lowry City, Osceola, Roscoe, Taberville, and Vista.

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