Pevely Real Estate Information

Pevely is a relatively small community found in the central eastern portion of the state of Missouri. Pevely has a population of approximately three thousand eight hundred residents, although that figure has most likely changed significantly since the last census was taken in the year two thousand. Pevely is situated in Jefferson County, which in turn is considered a part of the heavily populated Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Pevely real estate is spread out over a total area of approximately three and two fifths square miles, including one tenth of a square mile of standing surface water. Pevely is almost completely racially homogeneous, which is unusual given the comparatively low per capita and median family income statistics for the community. Pevely has a population density of a little more than one thousand one hundred persons per square mile, meaning that Pevely properties are mostly suburban, rural, and residential.

The original inhabitants of the area which is now considered Pevely were of course Native Americans of the Sioux or Dakota tribe, who were especially notable for building monumentally large burial mounds in memory of their deceased. The settlement of Pevely and the surrounding areas by European Americans was opened up by the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and the War of 1812. Pevely itself came into existence towards the middle of the nineteenth century, and was officially incorporated in the year eighteen sixty due to the efforts of Charles S Rankin. Pevely is currently governed by a city government system consisting of a Mayor and a Board of Alderman.

The educational needs of Pevely are met by a number of public and private institutions throughout Pevely itself and the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Notable postsecondary schools, colleges, and universities include Jefferson Community College, Saint Louis University, the University of Missouri, and Washington University in Saint Louis. Pevely provides a number of recreational facilities, such as parks, playgrounds, and sports fields, as well as an annual Fall Festival. The four main parks of Pevely are the park on County Road, Ellis-Bage Park, Joe Whaley Park, and Stacy Reece Park. Pevely also recently completed a city hall, following the suggestions of the population.