Jefferson County Real Estate Information

Jefferson County is a relatively heavily populated area found in the central eastern portion of the state of Missouri. Jefferson County has a population of approximately two hundred sixteen thousand, five hundred residents, split up into a number of incorporated and unincorporated communities. Jefferson County used to include the mean center of the population of the United States of America during the census conducted in the year nineteen eighty, although that distinction no longer rests with Jefferson County. Jefferson County real estate is spread out over a total area of almost exactly six hundred and sixty four square miles, which subdivides into seven square miles of water and about six hundred and fifty seven square miles of land. The county seat of Jefferson County is Hillsboro, and the county is considered a portion of the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area.

Jefferson County is named after the most famous Jefferson in United States history, Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence and the Third President of the United States. The area which is now considered Jefferson County was originally the territory of the Dakota/Sioux tribe of Native Americans, who had a strong influence over much of the middle section of the continental United States for thousands of years. The settlement of Jefferson County and the establishment of Jefferson County properties began in earnest following the Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812. Jefferson County was officially organized about five years after the end of the war, in the year eighteen eighteen.

Jefferson County borders a total of five counties directly, and one county across the Mississippi River. Jefferson County shares the water border with Monroe County, which is a part of Illinois, and a land border with Saint Louis County, Saint Genevieve County, Saint Francois County, Washington County, and Franklin County. The educational needs of Jefferson County are met primarily by a number of public school districts, including Crystal City, De Soto, Dunklin, Festus, Fox, Grandview, Hillsboro, Jefferson, Northwest, Sunrise, and Windsor School Districts. Recreational points of interest include Minnie Ha Ha Park, Rockford Beach, NW Jefferson County Sports Complex, and Jefferson Winter Park.