Crystal City Real Estate Information

Crystal City is a relatively small community found in the central eastern portion of the state of Missouri, which in turn is located in the south central portion of the United States of America. Crystal City has a population of approximately four thousand two hundred residents, at least according to statistics released by the census bureau in the year two thousand. It is entirely possible, and even probable that Crystal City has grown substantially in the subsequent decade, partially due to the popularity of Crystal City real estate. Crystal City is often grouped together with the neighboring city of Festus as the “Twin Cities”, although they do not share a government infrastructure. Crystal City is situated in Jefferson County, and has a population density of about one thousand one hundred people per square mile.

Crystal City covers a total area of approximately three and two thirds square miles, including a tiny fraction of standing surface water. The area which is now considered Crystal City was originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Sioux tribe, who were perhaps best known regionally for constructing massive burial mounds to commemorate their dead. Early inhabitation of Crystal City properties was largely driven by the discovery of silica in the region, as well as by the aftermath of the Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812. The volume of silica was sufficient to spur the opening of the American Plate Glass Company, which operated until the year nineteen ninety one.

The educational needs of Crystal City are offered by a variety of primary and secondary institutions in the immediate area, as well as other schools located in the general region. Public schools in Crystal City include the Crystal City Elementary School and Crystal City High School, while there are a number of private schools, colleges, and universities in the rest of Jefferson County. Notable recreational points of interest and parks in and around Crystal City include Crystal City Municipal Park, Billy Porter Park, Sunset Park, and the Twin City Monuments. Crystal City is also the birthplace of Bill Bradley, who was a professional basketball player and a United States Senator.