Saint Charles County Real Estate Information

Saint Charles County is a relatively heavily populated county situated in the east central portion of the state of Missouri. Saint Charles County has a population of approximately three hundred forty three thousand, nine hundred residents, and is considered a portion of the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Saint Charles County's namesake city, Saint Charles, also happens to be the county seat of the county. Saint Charles County has been growing at a remarkable pace during the last several years, since the census figures reported in the year two thousand indicated a population of just two hundred eighty three thousand, nine hundred persons. Saint Charles County is considered one of the most quickly growing counties in the entirety of the United States, thanks to the popularity of Saint Charles County real estate.

Saint Charles County is the wealthiest and most upscale county in the Show Me State by a considerable margin, and many residents of Saint Charles properties travel from their homes in Saint Charles to their jobs in Saint Louis. Saint Charles County is notable for the high class wineries and vineyards in the region, which has led to the designation of the Augusta area as the first American Viticultural Area by the federal government. Saint Charles real estate is spread over approximately five hundred and sixty square miles of land and thirty two square miles of standing surface water. Saint Charles County borders a total of seven different counties, which include Lincoln County, Calhoun County, Jersey County, Madison County, Saint Louis County, Franklin County, and Warren County.

Saint Charles County has five primary communities, all of which have populations over ten thousand residents and under one hundred thousand residents. These include, from smallest population to largest, Lake Saint Louis, Wentzville, Saint Peters, Saint Charles, and O'Fallon. The name of Saint Charles County is taken from an Italian cardinal who was later elevated to sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Charles Borromeo. The location of Saint Charles on the outskirts of the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area also makes it convenient for residents who are looking for urban attractions, nightlife, shopping, fine dining, or historical sites.