O'Fallon Real Estate Information

O'Fallon is a relatively large community found in the central eastern portion of the Show Me State, Missouri. O'Fallon has an estimated population of more than seventy five thousand residents, making it the seventh largest city in the state of Missouri. O'Fallon is growing at a substantial rate, since the census conducted in the year two thousand reported a population of just over forty six thousand residents at that point in time. O'Fallon real estate is largely suburban, including both single family homes and some apartment and condominium complexes. O'Fallon is situated in Saint Charles County, and is also considered a part of the Saint Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area. O'Fallon is located along Interstate 70, which was definitely a contributing factor in the recent growth of the region.

The area which is now considered O'Fallon was originally under the control of the Dakota tribe of Native Americans, who were especially notable for constructing large burial mounds to honor their deceased. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and the War of 1812 facilitated the further development of modern-day O'Fallon, along what was called the Booneslick Trail. O'Fallon was originally settled mostly by German European immigrants, perhaps most notably a judge and legislator by the name of Arnold Krekel. O'Fallon was officially incorporated as a city in the year nineteen twelve, and began its most rapid period of growth between the nineteen eighties and the present day. O'Fallon properties continue to be in high demand as the population of Greater Saint Louis continues to expand.

There are a number of parks and other recreational facilities found in O'Fallon, offering hundreds of acres of green and open space. Some of these spaces include the Civic Park, the Ozzie Smith Sports Complex, Westhoff Park, Fort Zumwalt Park, Dames Park, and O'Fallon Sports Park. The educational needs of O'Fallon are met by a number of primary, secondary, and post secondary institutions throughout the region. These schools include Webster University, Lindenwood University, the institutions of the Fort Zumwalt, Wentzville, and Francis Howell School Districts, as well as Christian High School and Saint Dominic High School