Saint Charles Real Estate Information

Saint Charles is the namesake city and county seat of Saint Charles County, which is one of the most heavily populated counties in the state of Missouri. Saint Charles has a population of approximately sixty three thousand, six hundred residents, at least as of census bureau estimates published in the year two thousand eight. Saint Charles has benefited heavily from the recent population boom affecting the Saint Louis metropolitan area, at least when compared to the comprehensive census statistics published in the year two thousand. Saint Charles has three primary nicknames, “The STC”, “The Chuck”, and “The Struggle.” Saint Charles covers a total area of approximately twenty and a half square miles, and is found to the northwest of the center of the urban region.

The area which is now considered Saint Charles, along with the rest of the Show Me State and much of the American Midwest was originally the domain of the Dakota tribe of Native Americans, although their influence rapidly wained after the arrival of European American settlers and explorers. The first recorded non-Native American explorer of the region was Louis Blanchette, who passed through the region in the year seventeen sixty five. According to legend, Blanchette named the area “Les Petites Cotes”, after the hillsides in the region. The area got its first step towards its current name when a mission by the name of San Carlos was established in the region, while the first American residents were relatives of Daniel Boone.

The educational needs of the residents of Saint Charles real estate are met by a number of public schools in the area, although there are also a wide variety of private institutions, colleges, and universities in the nearby city of Saint Louis. Saint Charles prides itself on a series of community events that make their way through Saint Charles properties, which include a Christmas Festival, Riverfest on the Fourth of July, the Festival of the Little Hills, Tartan Days, Oktoberfest, Fete de Glace, a Bluegrass Festival, the Festival for the Arts, the Quilts on Main Street, and the Missouri River Irish Festival. Riverfront and Main Street together represent the primary commercial district for Saint Charles, offering everything from franchises to high class boutiques.