Saint Peters Real Estate Information

Saint Peters is a medium sized community found in the central eastern portion of the state of Missouri. Saint Peters has a population of approximately fifty four thousand, eight hundred residents, as of census estimates published in the year two thousand eight. In a manner consistent with the rest of the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area, Saint Peters real estate has become quite popular in recent years, leading to significant population growth, as evidenced by the year two thousand census, which recorded less than fifty two thousand residents. Saint Peters is currently governed by Mayor Len Pagano, and covers a total area of approximately twenty one and a fifth square mile. Saint Peters properties are bisected by Interstate 70, and is largely socioeconomically and racially homogeneous.

The area which is now considered Saint Peters was originally inhabited by Native Americans, particularly those from the conglomerate known as the Mississippi mound builders. Saint Peters was not officially incorporated until the year nineteen ten, evidence that Saint Peters did not hold a significant role in the history of the Show Me State until that point in time. Saint Peters was heavily rural and agricultural until the nineteen seventies. The population of Saint Peters at the beginning of the seventies was merely four hundred and eighty six, although by the year nineteen eighty that figure had grown exponentially to nearly sixteen thousand. That growth has continued to the present day, reaching forty thousand seven hundred by nineteen ninety and about fifty five thousand in two thousand six.

Saint Peters was officially incorporated as a city in the year nineteen fifty nine, the same year that Hawaii and Alaska were admitted into the union. Saint Peters has been recognized by Money Magazine as the sixtieth best place to live in the United States, and consequently the best place to live in the state of Missouri. Saint Peters is notable for being home to the nation's largest shopping center, Mid-Rivers Mall, as well as the multi million dollar Rec-Plex. The educational needs of Saint Peters are met by institutions including Fort Zumwalt South High School, Francis Howell North High School, and Fort Zumwalt East High School.