Osceola Real Estate Information

Osceola is a relatively small community found in the central portion of Saint Clair County, which in turn is situated in the central western portion of the state of Missouri. Osceola had a population of only eight hundred and thirty five residents as of the census conducted in the year two thousand, although there is a distinct possibility that that figure has changed in the past nine years. Osceola is considered a part of Saint Clair County, and is found at an elevation of a little more than seven hundred and fifty feet. Osceola real estate covers a total area of just less than a square mile, including less than one twentieth of a square mile of water and about nine tenths of a square mile of solid land.

The area which is now considered Osceola was originally the domain of Native Americans for literally thousands of years before the arrival of any European or American settlers or even explorers. Osceola bills itself as a “Bridge to the Past”, citing as evidence its rich pre-European historical legacy, its involvement in the American Civil War, and even legends about the Old West. According to local folklore, Jesse James and his gang spent a night at the Old Commercial Hotel, one of the most easily recognizable Osceola properties. Osceola has taken great precautions to maintain its historical legacy both as an independent town and as the county seat of Saint Clair County, since it is home to the Saint Clair County Historical Society and Museum, the Johnson Family Library and Museum, and the Saint Clair County Library.

There are a number of significant commercial and recreational landmarks found in Osceola, including The Heart House, Osceola Cheese, Evening Shade Farms, the Trade Fair Mall, Alice's Closet, the Farmer's Market, Second Street Books, the Woodshed, and Moccasin Trails Antiques and Amish Country Store. Notable recreational facilities include the Osceola Swimming Pool, the Saint Clair County Senior Center, and Osceola RV Park. Educational institutions in Osceola include Osceola Elementary School and Osceola Junior-Senior High School, which are both administered by the local Board of Education.