Lake Saint Louis Real Estate Information

Lake Saint Louis is one of the most notable of the master planned communities found in the suburbs of the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Lake Saint Louis has a population of approximately sixteen thousand residents, at least as of census bureau estimates published in the year two thousand nine. Lake Saint Louis real estate covers a total area of almost eight and one third square miles, including about four fifths of a square mile of standing surface water. This gives Lake Saint Louis an average density of approximately one thousand three hundred and sixty residents per square mile. Lake Saint Louis is currently governed by Mayor Mike Potter, and is about a half of a thousand feet above sea level.

The area which is now considered Lake Saint Louis was originally the residence of the Sioux or Dakota Tribe of Native Americans, who were responsible for constructing a series of monumentally sized burial mounds along the banks of the Mississippi River. Although European American explorers passed through the region more heavily following the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and the War of 1812, there were no major permanent settlements in the region for nearly another hundred and fifty years. Two developers, Ellis Ellerman and Ira Nathan, began drawing up plans for and organizing a large, upscale resort community in the region during the early nineteen sixties. The first residents arrived after a series of financial difficulties in the year nineteen sixty eight, and Lake Saint Louis was officially incorporated as a city in the year nineteen seventy seven. Important residents of Lake Saint Louis properties throughout the years include athlete Shaun Murray, umpire Dave Phillips, musicians Cornell Haynes, Jr. and Howard Bailey, Jr., producer Alonzo Lee Jr., and politician Jonathan Dolan. There are two large commercial developments in Lake Saint Louis, the Shoppes at Hawk Ridge and the Meadows at Lake Saint Louis. The Shoppes at Hawk Ridge includes a Wal-Mart Supercenter, a Lowe's a White Castle, and a Steak n Shake, while the Meadows at Lake Saint Louis includes a Banana Republic, Bed Bath and Beyond, Victoria's Secret, and a New Balance.